ĒSIOT x HARDCLO Trekky Sandals

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Unisex, premium and handmade, ĒSIOT ™ leather trekky sandals. Their genuine nubuck leather is breathable, adjustable to the skin’ s temperature needs (cool in Summer, warm in Winter), not sticky and resistant to natural odours. An all day shoe with soft, black rubber in base, high quality VIBRAM® antislipsole, velcro fastening and discreet logo tags. Embossed black logos of both brands on leather straps. Lightweight and durable. Design and production are made in Greece. ĒSIOT ™ x HARD Collaboration Collection Summer 2022.

Sole’s Height: 3.5 cm

Strap’ s Colour: Terracotta, Light Blue, Beige

Strap’ s material: Leather

Strap’ s double lining: Soft microfiber and foam of high quality

Rubber’ s Colour: Black

Logo’ s Colour: Black

Fit: True to size

Take care of your nubuck leather / suede shoes and use a waterproof and stain repellent spray frequently. Attention: Ask for a spray suitable for the types of leather mentioned above, with no colour. Test on a small inconspicuous area before full application, as some colours may darken. Always keep in mind that leather is a very sensitive material.